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Jeevan - Jaach is our weekly television program showing on Channel KTV 771 at 6.30-7PM every Friday , the same program is repeated every Thursday Afternoon to discuss and update the purpose of the charity . In this program all donors are acknowledged as well as weekly donations appear on the screen in a scroll. In addition, discussions take place about current issues in line with Bhagat Purans Singh ji Etho as well as selfless service he has carried throughout his life.

Fundraising is accomplished in various forms such as holding stalls at various events with donation buckets and giving away free Pingalwara Literature. The literature promotes the Gurmukhi way of living as well as case studies of the paitents at Pingalwara. In addition, the literature will also give you an idea of project that are currently running by Pingalwara Charitable Society UK. Furthermore, we provide the sangat with religious books, sakhis (stories) as well books that have been written first hand by the sevadars of Pingalwara.

Each Year trustees hold an annual event to raise awareness an monies to raise monies for projects in the UK as well as abroad. These events are usually carried out via our head office (Heathrow Estates, Bath Road, Middlesex, TW5 9TY).

The President and trustees take a lot of pride in attending samagams and having stalls such as at Vaisakhi and Guru Nanak Parkash Nagar Kirtans in Southall,Birmingham,Leicester,Ilford, Hayes & Gravesend. A fundraising stall is always held at Sant Isher Singh’s barsi in Northolt.

Donations can be made directly into a charity's bank account, by cash or cheque, online ,Virgin Money, Direct Debits, We take debit/credit card donations or by contacting any of the named trustees.

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